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Contesa is supported by Bongwe Books

Royalties from sales of Bongwe books and CDs will go to help orphaned children in Zambia.

Bongwe royalties go to ‘CONTESA’ (Reg. Charity) which helps to alleviate the suffering of orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of basic shelter, food and primary education, regardless of their background, religion or race.

Contesa’s Mission

To help alleviate the suffering of (Aids) orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of basic shelter, food and primary education and training, regardless of their background, religion or race.


To build basic shelters to accommodate Aids orphans and other orphans, providing at least one basic meal a day and working with institutions and volunteers to provide support and education.


To protect children’s rights and to alleviate social injustice and achieve sustainable results.

Contesa’s Key Qualities

To be accountable, transparent, professional and to contribute and participate with enthusiasm and passion.

Esnat writes:

I visited Zambia in April 2005 for three weeks on a research/study visit during which I explored and visited projects and orphanages with a view to deciding how best CONTESA should commence its work. This was a very sad time for me as the conditions I saw first hand were just heart breaking.

One immediate impression from my visit is that there is great urgency to assist in the feeding and provision of shelter for orphaned and disadvantaged children by all those who are able and willing to do so.

The agencies and support services are totally overwhelmed, I saw centres that struggle to provide even the basic needs for the children, due to a lack of funds and facilities. I visited one centre that could just manage to provide the children with one meal a month, so what do the children eat for other 29 days of the month? This Centre cooked the meals in an open space and the children sat down on the ground in the open to eat. Maybe this is acceptable in the warm and dry seasons but I can only imagine how terrible the conditions are in the rainy or cold seasons. This is just one example from many of the devastating and sad conditions and situations that I saw during my visit.

After visiting quite a few charities and children’s refuges I identified two centres for CONTESA to support. These are the Chainda Centre, in Lusaka and the Church Mission, in Kabwe.

The Problems

The situation in Zambia is already dire, with the following alarming statistics:

  • Over 1 million orphans (16.5% of the population).
  • Approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Life expectancy dropped to 32 for women and 33 for men.
  • Unemployment rate of 22%.
  • Average per capita income of only £200 per annum and 64% living on less than 55p per day.

Zambia, unfortunately, often seems to be forgotten when discussing AIDS orphan problems. CONTESA concentrates its efforts and resources on AIDS orphans in Zambia.

Find out more on the Contesa Charity Website, or Email: Esnat to find out how you can help.

Making Donations

As well as supporting Contesa purchasing Bongwe products through our online store, Cash, cheque and bank transfer donations can be sent to:

  • Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
  • Account Name: CONTESA
  • Account number: 01646106
  • Sort code: 30-93-25
  • Contesa – Registered Charity No. 1109311.


Note: Do please include a ‘reference’ when making a Bank Transfer