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African Folktales for Children Everywhere

Each of these books are available in two versions, one for early readers and the other using a wider range of vocabulary.

The Adventures of Bongwe – Book 1

Bongwe and the Kingdom

In the kingdom of Njase, animals come together for the first time because of drought and famine. Many animals have died of hunger and thirst. A meeting is convened to find a solution to their demise and the lion is voted the chairman. Despite a clever solution by the Mole to save the kingdom, Bongwe becomes illusive and sabotages the plan.

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Bongwe and the Harvest

Bongwe has a bad harvest and suffers insomnia as a result. He incurs his neighbours’ wrath by keeping them awake all night.

The Adventures of Bongwe – Book 2

Bongwe the Runner

The ever boastful Bongwe meets his match! He is defeated in the marathon by the cunning Chameleon.

Bongwe and his Conscience

Bongwe lies to his future parents-in-law and tells them that he has never eaten and defecated. He is invited to their house and rushes to the bush to relieve himself. His faeces follow him, tormenting him …

The Adventures of Bongwe – Book 3

Bongwe, the Lion and the Hyena

The Lion employs the Hyena to look after his cubs but Bongwe tries to sabotage the Hyena’s efforts to look after the cubs by pretending to be a friend.

The Return of Bongwe

The story starts in the Kingdom of Zawe. Bongwe comes back from his holidays and has to confront his friends and tell them about his experiences. Will his boasting help him this time?

The Adventures of Bongwe – Book 4

Bongwe and the Mystic

Bongwe goes on a holiday to the mysterious Kingdom of Zawe and experiences a strange vision of an old woman with a gaping smelly wound from which strange creatures emerge.

Bongwe and the Cave

Bongwe disappears into the mist in the valleys of Zawe Kingdom and enters a mysterious cave.

The Adventures of Bongwe – Book 5

Bongwe and Msandire River I

Bongwe visits the river Msandire and has an encounter with a Crocodile and meets the Chiuni, the big bird. The big bird carries Bongwe over the waterfall to the other side of the river into a strange forest only after learning how to sing a weird song.

Bongwe and Msandire River II

Bongwe confronts the wrath of the Nyau dancer who alerts the giants of the forest. Bongwe runs for his life and has to be rescued. Bongwe has to remember the weird song for the Chiuni to come.

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