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The author of Bongwe Books, Esnat Phiri Avon, visits schools and gives live readings of Bongwe, with music, singing and participation by the school children.

Esnat recently visited Mary Elton Primary School in Clevedon, near Bristol in the west of England, to read Bongwe stories to the children there, to talk about African life and traditions and to introduce some African music and dancing. The children enjoyed the stories and danced to the African folktale music on CD available with the book.

"I can’t wait to hear more of your great stories so that I can learn more about Zambia. I wonder if Bongwe will get into more mischief and trouble"

You can read more about this World Book Day event in This is Somerset local newspaper.

A teacher at the school and her family are going out to Zambia with the Book Bus Foundation which is a charity that has volunteers visiting schools in the Livingstone area (near Victoria Falls) to read to children there and talk about their travels.

"The song was very interesting and it fitted well with the surrounding characters and what they were doing. We learnt from them that there is a country called Zambia in Africa"

"I would like it if you could come back again to our school because your stories are GREAT!"

The school in Clevedon is also linked with a school in Kikaboga in Tanzania.

Esnat has read Bongwe and the Kingdom at schools in Dorset, Somerset, Surrey and Wiltshire and also at Sunday School.

The children at the schools were very enthusiastic and many wrote to the author to tell her that they wanted to hear some more stories:

Arranging a visit to your school


Please Note: Bongwe’s Author Esnat Phiri is currently not undertaking personal school visits.

If you would like to talk to Esnat about the possibility of her visiting your school to give live readings from her series of Bongwe African folk tale books, please contact her.